23-24 nov. 2020 Toulouse (France)


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 Lundi 23Mardi 24
9h Accueil Oratrice invitée: Annie Chateau
RedOak: a reference-free and alignment-free structure for indexing a collection of similar genomes
- Variants
Vincent Sater
UMI-Gen: a new UMI-based read simulator for variant calling evaluation in paired-end sequencing
10h Variants
Brice Letcher
Enabling multiscale variation analysis with genome graphs
Téo Lemane
kmtricks: modular k-mer count matrix and Bloom filter construction for large read collections
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11h Omics
Albane Lysiak
Evaluation of open search methods based on theoretical mass spectra comparison
Yoshihiro Shibuya
Set-min sketch: a probabilistic map for power-law distributions with applications to k-mer annotation
- Omics
Vincent Rocher
DeepG4 : A deep learning approach to predict active G-quadruplexes
Nikolai Romashchenko
Phylo k-mers: constructing phylogenetically-informed k-mers for phylogenetic placement and recombination detection
12h Omics
Nesrine Sghaier
Prediction of auxin response elements based on data fusion approach
Pierre Marijon
Correcting Long-Reads with k-mers: A Dream Comes True
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14h Orateur invité: Paolo Ribeca
SASSY: Accurately reconstructing viral genomes
Matthias Zytnicki
srnaMapper: an optimal mapping tool for sRNA-Seq reads
- Sequence
Antoine Amarilli
Efficient enumeration of regex matches
15h Sequencing data
Grégoire Siekaniec
Identification of bacterial strains using Oxford Nanopore sequencing
Garance Gourdel
Hide and Mine in Strings: Hardness and Algorithms
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16h Sequencing data
Clara Delahaye
Nanopore MinION long read sequencer: an overview of its error landscape
Éric Rivals
Efficient Construction of Hierarchical Overlap Graphs
- Sequencing data
Andreea Dréau
Contig error correction based on linked-read sequencing data
Sammy Khalife
Sequence graphs realizations
17h  Présentation des nouveaux  
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